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Class Descriptions

GentleSuitable for all levels including yoga for beginners. Perfect for individuals new to yoga or for those looking for a healthy stretch. This class is heated to a comfortable 72 - 75 degrees and includes a sequence of modified poses, simple transitions and stretching designed to increase circulation, flexibility and range of motion improving balance and coordination. In this practice you will learn the techniques of basic yoga poses, alignment principles and how to connect them through gentle breathing techniques. 


FlowSuitable for all levels. This class is a form of vinyasa yoga. "Vinyasa" means "breath-synchronized movement." Thus, each pose transitions with ease from one to the next, by connecting the breath to the movement. The class is heated to 80 - 85 degrees and is designed to build endurance, flexibility and strength. Poses will be broken down allowing you time to focus on your form, alignment and breathing. You will leave feeling rejuvenated. 


Power  – All are welcomed, some experience is recommended. This fast-paced yoga class is designed to strengthen the body and mind through synchronized breathing and flowing movement utilizing upbeat music to intensify your practice. Classes are heated to 90 degrees allowing you to safely reach new levels of personal growth in flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and strength.


Power + RestoreAll are welcomed, some experience is recommended. Power + restore is a class that features a vigorous sequence of a power yoga class in a heated studio (90 degrees) followed by more gentle and supported postures. The use of props (i.e. bolsters, blocks, and blankets) supports the body, relieve tension and creates an overall state of bliss and relaxation.

Body SculptSuitable for all levels. Power Lunch is a class that features a sequence of powerful poses and movements designed to tone and sculpt the body. Classes are heated to 80 -85 degrees and have you in and out in 45 minutes.